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Alterations and Tailoring Services

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At Foeller Men's Shop we staff a skilled team of tailors who work on the premises. Expertly supervised by the Owner and Master Tailor, Roy Thompson, our alterations are performed with the finest details in mind.

Over 75 years in Middletown we are not just your neighborhood tailor. Bring in some of your old suits that don't quiet fit right and let our experienced tailoring staff to breathe some new life into them. We will even take custom measurements for you if you are getting something custom made out-of-town or overseas. A tailor can do a lot more than shorten your jeans. We are the best option when you want to make clothing fit you perfectly at every seam.

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Alterations and More

Tips and Advice

When getting alterations done on clothing you should have an idea of what you expect from your tailoring experience. The fit, style, and look of the finished garment. However, not everyone is accustomed to the tailoring process. Once you move past off the rack clothing you open yourself up to a world of clothing you might not be familiar with. When you come to us to get clothing altered we will provide the best suggestions based on the garment. Ours tailors may be able to suggest a different alteration that will provide an even better result.

A fine suit isn't just about fabric and quality workmanship. Suits also rely on interfacing, canvases, pads, interlinings, silk threads, buttons, hooks, felts, and zippers to create a superior product. You may not see every detail within the linings of your suit, but those details are important when tailoring or altering a garment. Clothing fit is often subjective and dependent on your own personal tastes, body type and comfort. Our tailors can make sure your clothes fit in such a way as to reflect the best possible you.

Alterations on Women's Clothing

We offer alterations on almost all clothing, not just men's suits. Bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, jeans, skirts, we do it all! Our skilled seamstresses can alter your wedding gown for your special day. Alterations are by appointment only so please be sure to call ahead. If you are unsure if clothing can be altered please do not hesitat to stop in and ask our qualified staff.

Wedding Season Alterations

During our peak wedding and prom seasons (spring and summer months), there may be additional rush fees added to alteration orders that are needed in less than our two weeks from the drop-off time. While we perform alterations in-house we do not offer same-day alterations on orders during our busy season. We abide by a very tight schedule. If you have a certain event coming up and need a suit altered bring it in as soon as you can.